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X22 Report, Cryptos Are Coming!

Criteria Bitcoin Gold
Established History D A+
Censorship Resistant A C

Take a close look at the above chart, your financial future depends on it.

BTC vs Gold and the USD. The US Dollar is considered Fiat Currency because it has not been backed by any Hard Asset like Gold or Silver since the 1970’s.

I realize many still may not want a new form of money, but you must consider the exceptional Benefits of Crypto Currency, Bitcoin has simply led the way. The Chart shows how BTC and other Cryptos score A+ on 5 of 8 criteria while the USD Fails on Scarcity. The Government simply prints more Fiat paper dollars driving inflation and prices.

I have been dabbling in Cryptos since 2017 and fortunately realized that Crypto Mining has a lot of benefits for the beginner. No Money to invest until you are ready, but in the mean time you can be accumulating Free Cryptos automatically. I started an account back in 2018 and yes experienced the first Crypto Market Crash. Even though I was not following my mining account for almost 2 years it kept growing. I was truly amazed when I checked my account.

I got scammed by Litecoin Miner after 2 years of dormancy. Now I recommend staying away from LiteCoin Miner or It’s totally Free to start, but you need to have a wallet address setup in advance to receive your coins. Level 1 of their system is just bait to hook on a larger purchase. Most Wallets are free at Crypto Currency Exchanges. However the Best security for your coins is in a private wallet you control.

However, the only way you can start to invest in Digital Currency is through a Digital Currency Exchange like Coinbase which is based in SanFrancisco,CA.

You need to open an account and eventually fund it with USD. Moving Cash to Coinbase is very simple after you set up your bank account to move cash via ACH transfers

Converting old Fiat Dollars to Cryptos will become necessary to save and grow your finances.

Popular financial advisor Suze Orman says she is a fan of bitcoin as a possible replacement to gold, noting BTC’s worth as a store-of-value asset. However, you must still recognize are volatile while they slowly become acceptable. Major corporations have begun investing in Cryptos increasing demand and price growth.

A few days ago….

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Robert Kaplan said bitcoin (BTC, +4.41%) is a “store of value” that’s not yet ready for wider adoption as a medium of exchange.

Kaplan, a former Goldman Sachs executive and Harvard Business School professor, made the remarks Friday at a bitcoin conference hosted by Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School. He served on the Federal Reserve’s monetary-policy committee, the Federal Open Market Committee, before rotating off at the end of 2020.

Right now it’s clear it’s a store of value,” Kaplan said of the largest cryptocurrency. “It obviously moves a lot in value, which could keep it from spreading too far as a medium of exchange and wide adoption, but that can change.”

If you have any questions relating to Crypto Currency, send them to me at

Tom Walter


Compounding Your Way To Riches

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Albert Einstein,…

Once said Compounding is the 8th Wonder of the World!

Those who Understand it Use It,…But those Who Do Not–Pay it!

Earn Passively Everyday, when you put compounding to work for you.

The following are real-life examples:
$2,100 can grow into $25,000 in 1 year. Or Turn $15K into $183K in one year.

I’m sorry to say YouTube has blocked an excellent video about how Compound Interest can be used to multiply your savings.

Passive Compounding is possible with Daisy.Global. Daisy was created by an “AI Project” to use Etherium(ETH) and a Smart Contract to launch a new coin called EtherLite(ETL) It seems to be in a pr-launch mode for few weeks in July,2021.

To Launch your own compounding machine you want to get started as soon as possible. Daisy is publicizing their Smart Contract Project through a site called OpenAlexa